In this section I'll try to put some interesting articles about problems in several programming areas, which I'm working on. Right now, there are some articles about programming with Borland Delphi and an article about working with pipeline components, the part of Microsoft solutions for the web programming, like ASP technology and SiteServer


One of the most interesting features of the Borland Delphi IDE is an ability to write your own experts for the IDE. The experts are allowed to create in two ways - as DLL and as package. The advantage of the having package is simple - Delphi allows you edit and debug the source of the package even if it's been installed. It's hard to do with DLL though.


The demo allows you to load XML file, recognize the reference to XSL (or load a new XSL file), perform transformation of the XML text to an HTML text and save the result in the file.


I wrote the program for those who is interesting in curious things and programming puzzles. It's a classic problem - to write a program, which is printing a source code of its own, using only output functions.


In one of my projects many years ago there was a need to create a COM server that would create COM objects only once when several application require them. Such servers called singletons. Here I will describe how to do that on Delphi.